Economic Cooperation Organization


Mobile-cellular subscriptions (per 100 inhabitants)145.9f,b
Individuals using the Internetf (per 100 inhabitants)15.0b
Threatened species (number)54
Forested areaf (% of land area)8.8g
CO2 emission estimates (million tons/tons per capita)68.4 / 12.9g
Energy production, primary (Petajoules)3 270g
Energy supply per capita (Gigajoules)212g
Tourist/visitor arrivals at national borders (000)
Important sites for terrestrial biodiversity protected (%)14.6
Pop. using improved drinking water (urban/rural, %)… / …
Pop. using improved sanitation facilities (urban/rural, %)… / …
Net Official Development Assist. received (% of GNI)0.07b