Economic Cooperation Organization

The ECO Secretary General Ambassador Khusrav Noziri participated at the commemoration ceremony of Hakim Ibn Sina on August 29, 2023, upon the invitation of the Society for the Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries (SACWD). Organized by SACWD, the ceremony was attended by high level diplomats, academics and litterateurs.

In his remarks, Ambassador Noziri noted that as one of the most brilliant polymaths who rose to prominence throughout the cognitive history, Ibn Sina’s inventive and innovative work revolutionized certain fields of science, and his reflective influence on the Islamic philosophical thinking as well as the European Medieval philosophy is well-founded in reason.

Ambassador Noziri further underlined that the cultural, educational and science diplomacy is an effective tool for building strong nexus amongst different nations. With this in mind, the Economic Cooperation Organization laid the foundation of ECO Specialized Agencies to foster multifaceted cooperation among its Member States; and being vibrant and active, the ECO Cultural Institute, Educational Institute and Science Foundation play a central role in expanding cultural cooperation through numerous activities, knitting people of the region, he added.