Economic Cooperation Organization

(Tehran,December 13, 2023-Virtual)

The 2nd Technical Committee Meeting for Implementation of the Work Plan of ECO Veterinary Commission (ECO-VECO) was virtually hosted by Iran Veterinary Organization on December 13, 2023. The event was attended by representatives of Republic of Azerbaijan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Türkiye along with the representatives of ECO Secretariat. 

            Inaugurating the meeting, Mr. Gurkan Polat emphasized the necessity to increase cooperation among Member States in the field of Veterinary issues. He noted that veterinary services are required in all aspects of the food supply chain, and should be enhanced through education and training in animal health and food hygiene. He added that ECO-VECO will be an instrumental for achieving valuable objectives, such as establishing an animal disease surveillance network, promoting animal and animal products trade in the ECO Region, issuing common certificates, and establishment of slaughtering and laboratories networks and quarantines check points at the borders.

            Chairing the meeting, Dr. Mojtaba Nowrozi, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Head of Veterinary Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, highlighted the necessity for collaboration among Member States in the field of veterinary issues for improving the conditions for food security in the region and requested ECO countries to consider signing and ratifying the Statute of ECO-VECO in order to achieve early functioning of the Commission. 

           Representatives from ECO-VECO and Member States discussed on Transboundary Animal Diseases, as well as implementation of standards for slaughter houses and laboratories during the meeting.