Economic Cooperation Organization

Tehran – July 1, 2024

The 7th Meeting of the ECO Tour Operators’ Network (ETON) was held virtually on July 1, 2024, bringing together representatives from various tour operators across the ECO Member States.

Mr. Hasan Tufan, Program Officer of the Tourism Directorate of the ECO Secretariat, in his opening remarks emphasized that the Network would continue to building upon the success of the 1st ECO Tour Operators Forum held in Baku on May 2-3, 2024. The participants were further briefed on the key issues and achievements, as well as the feedback gathered during the Forum. The participants also shared their views on cooperation matters to be pursued as follow-up to the 1st Forum, and organizing the second edition of this Forum.   

The tour operators emphasized that facilitating travel conditions and increasing flight connectivity are crucial for organizing joint tours among ECO member states. They also emphasized the importance of regular meetings and various activities like food festivals among tour companies to maintain the momentum generated by the Forum’s decisions. 

In addition, Mohammad Sadegh Nafezi, Head of Aras UNESCO Global Geopark Office from Iran, presented geotourism opportunities in the Aras region and invited tour operators from other member states to explore the area. The next ETON meeting is planned for autumn of 2024.