Economic Cooperation Organization

The Secretariat of the Economic Cooperation Organization organized awebinar on advanced Big Data Processing Algorithms for Data Centers and Fiber Optic Lines on September 26, 2023,with the support of the Ministry of ICT of Kazakhstan and the ECO Science Foundation. 

Dr. Asset Durmagambetov, the lecturer of the event, detailed his researches on impact of the Riemann Hypothesis on human activities including big data processing, fundamental mathematical approaches that could lead to applications  for Information compression and information transfer, seismic exploration, optimal control of oil and gas production, optimal control of oil and gas transfer, control of heat and mass transfer in thermonuclear processes, digitalization of technological processes; earthquake predictions; Data compression in data centers and optimized information transmission channels; Stock market forecasting, etc.

The webinar was attended by participants from the member states, including scientists and ICT industry specialists.