Economic Cooperation Organization

For accomplish its mandate, ECO Secretariat may hire international consultants on project-specific or topic specific basis. The international consultants are selected from among the candidates as per terms of reference and modalities specified under each call for consultancy.

Notice: Potential candidates having an interest in fulfilling a study for a project in line with specifications reflected in the Terms of reference for project, as posted, may forward a written request to the following email address:
Reference should be made to: PMS

Terms of reference for hiring a Specialist for project: Requirements for qualifications of Specialist for project: Status
rade and economic potential of
Kazakhstan within ECO markets in the new geo-economic realities
Terms of reference
Ways and means to establish and develop ECO regional fiber optic network ToR for Consultant for ECO Regional Fiber Optics Network
Study on Preparation of the Road Map to Institutionalize a Comprehensive Joint Action Plan among the Sovereign Wealth and National Development Funds (SW/NDFS) of the ECO Member States Requirements for Specialist SW/NDFs Active
ToR-KTI economic corridor development Requirements for Specialist for KTI economic corridor development Active
ToR-Establishment of ECO standardized network of slaughter houses and reference laboratories Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications-Agriculture Hired
ToR-Intra-regional trade capacities in pharmaceuticals Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications-Health Care Systems Hired
ToR-ERPS-ECO Regional Payment System Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications-Finance Hired
ToR-Support to the Development of Organic Production Certification and Market Integration in the ECO region Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications-Organic Agriculture Hired
ToR-Study on impediments to ECO Trade and measures to resolve Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications-Trade & Investment Hired
ToR-ECO Energy Cooperation Strategy Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications-Energy Hired

Relevant Documents
short version_ToR ECO Strategy for Energy Cooperation (2)(1)(2).pdf
Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications_Agriculture.doc
Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications_Finance.docx
Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications_Health Care Systems.doc
Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications_Organic Agrictulture.doc
Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications_Trade and Investment.docx
ToR_ Establishment of standardized ECO network of slaughter houses and reference laboratories_w.doc
ToR_ECO Regional Payment System Feasibility Study-Phase I.doc
ToR_Regional Capacity on Intra-trade of Pharmaceuticals.doc
ToR_Resumption of ITI Container Train Operation_rev 22.06.2020 (2)_25.07.2020.doc

Requirements for Project Specialist Qualifications-KTI

Study on action plan among SW-NDFs of Member States

ToR _ ECO VISION 2025 FUND_v. 3 (4)

ToR for hiring a consultant for study on Economic Corridor Development_11.04.2011_ (2)(1)

ToR_ECO Regional Fiber Optic Network

ToR_Study on ECO Trade Agreement_18.10.2020

ToR_Support to the Development of Organic Production, Certification and Market Integration

23-04-06 ToR KZ project