Economic Cooperation Organization

JPC & EAPA section is entrusted to providing the Member States with necessary services in their efforts to strengthen judicial cooperation. Coordinating the regional cooperation of the law enforcement systems of the Member States. Developing and initiating policy papers, draft project proposals, programs and plans of actions aiming at strengthening regional judicial, law enforcement and anti-corruption coordination. Undertaking measures for the implementation of the decisions adopted within the framework of the organization to address common concerns of the Member States to combat drugs, terrorism and trans-national organized crimes. The section also coordinates regional efforts to establish institutional arrangements such as ECO Police (ECOPOL), Regional Centre for Cooperation on Anti-corruption and Ombudsmen and secured networking among relevant bodies of the Member States.

JPC & EAPA section functions as coordinating body for conducting regular contact with the Secretariat of Parliamentary Assembly of the ECO Countries (PAECO) for strengthening people to people contact and providing fora for parliamentary consultations on the regional matters.
This unit ensure to coordinate and follow the proper implementation of ECO Advocacy Programme for Afghanistan (EAPA) which is the main ECO agreed framework for assisting Afghanistan in its efforts for stability, prosperity, economic growth and sustainable development in the country. Its responsibilities also includes to ensure the proper implementation of respective modalities as well as development of the relevant requisite documents, draft project proposals on Afghanistan Development Process within the framework of ECO Advocacy Programme for Afghanistan. Reporting to the Member States about the activities/programmes/projects initiated and developed under the EAPA as well as the latest status of the ECO Fund for Afghanistan.

JPC & EAPA section is also delegated for planning, designing, and carrying out capacity building programs in the area of its mandate aimed at enhancing the existing capacities and skills in the relevant bodies of the Member states. Coordinate conduct of regional assessment surveys intended at determination of the needs of the region in light of the objectives of the organization in the area of responsibilities.


Mr. Yaser Ebrahimi (Iranian national)
Tel: (+9821)22831733-34