Economic Cooperation Organization

Project Forms

Relevant Documents Project form for PMGContract form for small sized projects.docForm for hiring a Consultant for Medium sized and Large Projects.docxform_GenericToR for ECO Projects.docxFramework of typical ToR of SSP_standard form.docProject […]

Project Guidelines

The purpose of the updated ‘Guidelines for ECO Projects’ is to inform project involved persons in the Member States that carrying out an ECO project or are preparing to submit […]

ECO Project Glossary

Explanations and disambiguation of terms and notions used in the Terms of Reference (ToR) for projects and other ECO’s project-related documents have been listed in the contents as follows:

Project Management Training

Results Based Management (RBM) training session was conducted at ECO Secretariat on July 8, 2021. The session has followed cooperative links of the Secretariat of ECO with ECO’s Regional Coordination […]