Economic Cooperation Organization

Energy is among the priority areas of cooperation within the ECO. The enhancement of energy security and sustainability through wider energy access and trade was identified as one of ECO’s strategic objectives. ECO strives for building up the diverse and resilient energy architecture in the region.

Over the past decade, ECO’s environmental profile has been increasing steadily. The environment and impacts of climate change have been designated as a cross-sectoral priority of the Organization, to be seriously considered by all ECO activities and events on different issues and levels.

In this regard, ECO Directorate for Energy, Minerals and Environment (EME) discharges the important function of initiation, development, implementation and monitoring of ECO activities in energy, environment and mining.

The EME Directorate is responsible for pursuing the expected outcomes stipulated under priority area 3 (Energy), as well as the relevant expected outcomes under priority area 5 (Economic Growth and Productivity) and 6 (Social Welfare and Environment) of ‘ECO Vision 2025’.

The Treaty of Izmir identified the following dimensions with a view to enhancing regional cooperation in energy mining and environment by ECO:

  • To intensify mobilization and utilization of the ECO region’s natural resources, in particular energy resources;
  • To facilitate cooperation in the fields of ecology and environmental protection within the region;

In pursuance of the above-mentioned objectives, the key areas of focus of the EME Directorate are:

  • Introduction of new mechanisms/frameworks for enhancement of energy cooperation.
  • Mainstreaming sustainable energy transition in the overall energy agenda and transformation to clean energy sources.
  • Enhancement of cooperation in the field of green energy, promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency policies.
  • Establishment of ECO regional electricity market.
  • Promoting B2B energy cooperation via wider involvement of the private sector in relevant ECO activities.
  • Raising awareness on environmental impact assessment through facilitation of policy dialogue between relevant stakeholders.
  • Promoting regional cooperation in climate change mitigation and adaptation action;
  • Strengthening global partnerships for common environmental concerns, notably biodiversity loss, desertification and land degradation, efficient management of water resources, forestry
  • Institutional and human capacity building in the mining sector.

Director and Staff

Mr. Fuad Farzalibeyov (Azerbaijani national)
Director for Energy, Minerals, and Environment
Tel: + 98 (21)2283 1733-34 

Mr. Morteza Khansari Bozorgi (Iranian national)
Programme Officer
Tel: (+9821)2283 1733-34 ext.: 223

Mr. Nurlan Darimov (Kazakh national)
Programme Officer
Tel: (+9821)2283 1733-34 ext.: 236

Mr. Muhammad Irfan (Pakistani national)
Desk Officer
Tel: (+9821)2283 1733-34 ext.: 126