Economic Cooperation Organization

A 7th Meeting of the ECO Heads of National Statistical Offices (HNSO) was presided over by Mr. Rauf Salimov, Deputy Chairman of the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan. Attended by delegates from member countries as well as representatives of the ECO Secretariat, the event was organized on September 20, 2023 in virtual mode. 

Heading the meeting, Mr. Salimov highlighted the sector-wise development priorities of Azerbaijan within the concept of country’s ECO Chairmanship that declares 2023 as the Year of “Green Transition and Interconnectivity”. Participating delegates also made presentations about their respective national statistical developments, making various suggestions on ways and means to enhance their statistical cooperation within the scope and framework of ECO. 

Briefing the meeting, the ECO Deputy Secretary General, Ambassador Jandos Asanov highlighted the Organization’s jointly held activities and events, including with those of UN-SIAP, SESRIC and other global forums. During the event, the ECO Annual Economic Report–2021 and the ECO Annual Economic Report–2022 were also presented which respectively focus on regional trade and agriculture sectors, compilation of which is based on the current priorities of the ECO countries. In addition, the Secretariat also encapsulated information on the ongoing ECO projects in economic research and statistics.